Dominic Charles Billings (born 8 October 1985) is a movie star, smouldering sex symbol and lives in Reality Distortion Field, Brooklyn, New York City.

Dominic possesses a boudoir prowess likened to deceased Dominican (no relation) diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa, exudes a charisma that calls in to question the self-worth of others, and is surprisingly modest and withdrawn.

Some (mainly just Dom, and perhaps also his pug dog Dede, because she can't claim otherwise) believe Dom to have been monikered in expectation of having the Portuguese honorific 'Dom' - synonymous with the Spanish/Italian Don - bestowed later in life. Then again, the Portuguese would admit they generally hold low expectations, so make of that what you will.

When not transcending the cinematic artform, Dom likes to calm his nerves with vast quantities of muesli, occupy lavatories for inordinate spans of time and pen third-person self-descriptions in the vain hope anyone who chances upon reading them accepts them as fact unquestioningly.