What is your place in this universe?


It's so uncertain to me. I exist, in each given moment, calling in to actuality the place I do occupy. Yet you insist on casting your mind forward to the future, to an unrealised reality.

Why? Why this inane insistence on cultivating a future self? To what does this mirage upon the horizon represent to you? How can it's worth possibly outlive that of the present? By its definition, the present is actual, whereas your future self, however great or humble, is abstract. Then why?

Carve out a presently realised form to be proud of. Stake a claim in every single moment. Command the discipline to uphold your own dignity, and the dignity of the life lovingly bestowed upon you, in taking ownership of your present self.

Look to the future self as folly, as that it is. An objective yes, but...surely you're getting on in years enough to continue casting the 'person you want to be' forward another 10 years perpetually. It's alluring, but perhaps because it gives your psyche the next decade off.

Follow your bliss to be certain, but...hell...perhaps incorporate some discipline to rein in your impulse to cast your net forward, in a perpetual purse seine dredging the expectations of a future self, instead committing to centring oneself, and staking a firm, honest claim to the very moment before you. To honour that moment with the integrity it deserves.

You want to carve out the future? Then build a building-block castle, laying each stone one-by-one, day-by-day in perpetuity, investing the entirety of your focus and energies to the locus of that moment as it passes before you.

Ten years of wanting to be someone in the future amounts to a person who's heavily-trained and has gained mastery in building the architecture of one's mind in the mould of casting said mind in to the future. The mindframe becomes structural, leaving to wither and atrophy that part of oneself that has cultivated an ideal self in every given moment over 10,000 hours, 10 years or whatever given span of time, insignificant as it is in the pale of the prescience of the present. 

All simple enough, but as I've claimed time and again, perhaps among an adult human's weightiest challenges is commanding the attention we have at our discretion to centre and focus. The ability and ongoing journey of mastery to focus is a true gift.