The Sandeman

 "The Sandeman!"

No, no, no. No.

"The Sandeman".

No exclamation mark necessary. It's not, like, like, some sort of...mmmm, Zorro. My goodness, what silliness.

No, The Sandeman...he must...he must be...of mystery. The Sandeman does not save the days, does not 'distress the damsel', if that is the phrase. The Sandeman is a man apart. The Sandeman operates first and foremostly for The Sandeman. Not just, first; also last.

The Sandeman conducts his busi-ness, whether that be as merchant of the Port wine, or graft...I...I have not yet established as yet what The Sandeman does...but...but The Sandeman does my bidding, or should I say, is my id, to quote the Austrian, the Sigu-mund Freud. It is my persona, if you like. I shall have several I believe, spendidly.

Ah, my anima personified as persona. But a very masculine anima, I should say, if one can be so contradictory. But...keep it simple Fernando! All this psychoanalytic nonsense is too obscure for your audience. Yes, you may be be one of Lisboã's intelligentsia - albeit self-described - but your average pastel-at-the-counter plebeian....Oh Fernando!! Forgive oneself for such brutish utterances. You are less of a man for thinking such thoughts, impinging in your mind upon the dignity of the hard-working Portuguese man and woman. Well, perhaps hard-working is generous, but...

The Sandeman they will love though! Boys and girls too...or until they evacuate-emigrate when of age. Ah, but that is an opportunity to take The Sandeman international! Outside of the Lusophone, maybe to be translated to German or English. What a victory, to take Lisboã's antihero - The Sandeman - as a mythology comparative to those in better lands.