Pride comes before the fall

Pride comes before the fall. No?

Maybe the Hunchback of Notre Dame speaks at present. Why, do you suppose?

What would you like to take inspiration from?

And can we visit why Return of the Basque, The Laundry Thief and No Tuckie, No Shirtie must go by the wayside? Well, the answer to that is simple: you must kill your darlings. You must. It is the height of creativity to have the gumption to do so. It's also the most difficult. Do you have ideas superior to 11:11:11 in Jolimont and its ilk? Nej, nein, no.

Then where do you anticipate that leaves one? To focus on the project at hand, sì. But in a way, I still crave developing stories further.

What of the Amsterdam trilogy? Well, Amsterdam served its hand. The Basques barely spoke to thee. Samples of Rainbox Six, State of Fear and perhaps a couple more Clancy titles i.e. Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger are called for.

Something Gallic does mildly beckon, or perhaps it's the Fifth Republic itself? All of these story ideas may possibly be a guise for the Universe to conspire to bring items to my attention only to be discarded.

Ecology's on my mind. I'd love a nature encyclopedia of some description to usher me in to Toulouse. Perhaps I need to further consider what Toulouse represents - French industry perhaps? Perhaps include another Forsyth tale among your transit  samples.

In any case, although hard as disposing of a beloved (idea) can be difficult to part with, it's often the most necessary break to undertake. Surely they leave behind tropes and story dynamics of worth to transpose to future projects of greater viability. I could see that with No Tuckie for certain.

I'd say it's also worthwhile to revisit your potential slate, individually assessing viability, or rather which pieces of each respective puzzle are worth retaining for transposition to another project on the horizon. By all means however, honour and observe the omens in the meantime and ride the swell of God's graces gracefully.

Would the next project be one of emulation of another?

Can we quickly visit the dearly departed projects inspirations? The Shining by Kubrick, Only God Forgives by Winding Refn, Big Trouble in Little China by Carpenter; Jack Ryan films by Noyce, The Siege by Zwick (?), Day of the Jackal by Zinnemann and The Jackal by Caton-Jones.

In Gaul, what ought to be next, narrative nectar? Broad ideas, broad strokes of story dynamics? Emulation of The Great Movies? Yes, sì, oui. I think that works best, or rather, fills thou with greatest confidence in your wares on display.

But be gentle in your listening of the omens/Universe/God. Be sensitive. Listen.

The Whore of Sevilla? Or Return of the Basque? To begin with, it couldn't be titled Return of the Basque. That's just an opening sequence you're fond of. I have a sneaking suspicion something awaits thee in the Languedoc to whet your literary appetite.

The Berlin/Deutsche trilogy of Mallorca which bodes so goddamn well? De Gaulle? The Jackal? A Prophet? Le Samouraï?

Berlin trilogy. Amsterdam trilogy. Nordic trilogy. The Laundry Thief will have its day. As may Whore of Sevilla. Languedoc though - what the fuck might that represent?

Aryan of Grievances. Sì, in time.

A happenstance of possibility awaits within the opening page of Daniel Gould's gambit to your future prospects and potential. Patience, Padawan, though - patience.

Heart of Darkness/DRC/Zaïre/Rumble in the Jungle - later, Padawan. But the Force is strong in the thee, yes.

I'm just looking to the future. I just want a vague slate. If I leave this Continent with the broad strokes of a slate and a completed screenplay in pre-production, I'd be much contented.

Again, please continue to look to Café Americain. It's where the choicest stories reside and call home. I see a a Grisham-inspired mini-slate.