What are you thinking about at the start of 2017?

For whatever reason, I've long envisaged 2017 as my Continuum year. What does that mean? Does it mean you spend time in New York and LA?

Why is that necessary? I'm not ruling that out. I think this year needs to be a year of acting. 

You need something of great excitement in this year. It will be acting. 

What is a Continuum year? Do you go see Mayer? Maybe. I'm not 100% sure that held the appeal it once may've. I'm totally cool with the answer remaining a mystery to me.

What would make an amazing year in the context of creativity? Of becoming whom you sought out to 10 years ago close to the month? I think it's a culmination of that. I think it's a culmination of Soup du Jour. As well as your own, more individual work.

And would that be KJ and making money from KJ? Yes, methinks so.

Is the Continuum/Kind of Blue mind map? Yah, perhaps minus a few other superfluous elements.

Can we reflect on what around about this time 10 years ago set off? Well, I really wanted to become someone, to craft an individual. I basically wanted to become a movie star. And do you think perhaps that this year could set that off? Perhaps, there is potential.

Do you think New York holds a crucial piece? C'mon, be honest. Hmmmm maybe not, I furtively want to venture.

What did you feel in April 2007? Would you cast it from April in contrast to Jan? Yeah. John Mayer. New album, The Search for Everything. You could get in on that tour. I'd like to have Axolotl out by April, that'd be sweet.

Is it movie star? Is it that status? Mmm it is. If you have one goal for this year, is it movie star? Yes. Sure about that? Yes. Doubly sure? Yes.

What if it comes at the expense of...? Friendships, love, family? Then no. Simple answer.

My friendship with Vincent and the creative budding of 10 years after a hiatus is worth celebrating, and I'd comfortably say you did so with 2 of Us article.

Waiting on the world to change. Ljubljana, Mirror 2 Mirror Productions. I think Vital and Leya ought definitely to produce and direct one of my next films. Veronika Decides to Die.

The world's gotta change this year. You've gotta change, take singly responsibility - it's your sole responsibility! Brooklyn? Manhattan? Movie star before, but open to including NYC.

Acting = #1 😎

I suppose Continuum's about the way it makes me feel. If you can't crack the code, then open yourself to the omens.

Gypsy by Bonobo. Who do you want to be your #1 person of 2017? I want a trio of Vince, Brown, Gouldy and their families! And what of your own family?

What are the omens suggesting at this juncture? What's your bliss? Ooo try free salsa lessons too! Do you need more than one good one?

I want you to sink your teeth in to work this year though, both full-time hard yakka plus hopefully studio time.

Global travel and film. That's the order of the day. No pain, no Spain.

Acting/movie star. Hollywood? Slow Dancing on Mulholland Drive? Acting. NIDA. Ms. LeGrand. Brian Goorjian.