Shake That Body Party That Body

Well, he made us all idiots. No, come on, we already were idiots, let's not shift the blame. For God's sake, I watched Showgirls on television that night as the only salve to our collective wound, watching Elizabeth Berkeley "Shake it, baby", in the words of Duke Nukem, in the solace that how bizarre could a Trump Administration be in a nation that produced screenwriter Joe Eszterhas' pièce de résistance.

I've long thought throughout the Obama Administration that the US President can be subject to so much undue criticism for those unbeknownst of the separation of powers between the Supreme Court's judiciary and Congress' legislature. Well, yes, they will be hampered if said Presidente is a former constitutional law professor.

The succeeding US head of state and commander-in-chief arrives with a vacancy on the Supreme Court due to a Senate refusing to carry out their advise and consent role for the incumbent's nomination, giving way to a stay on Obama's signature Clean Power Plan, severely impeding America's commitments to the Paris Agreement.

Anyhow, I feel like the United States' democratic choices need to be respected. It's an important sentiment, to respect something you essentially revile. 

I'm really hanging out for Jeff Sachs' prospective Sustainable Development Party. I have no idea what form it could take, but I'd love to see the red states turn green. Man, the Electoral College is so tough! How the fuck could a Sustainable Development Party make headway in the South and plenty other pockets.

I feel emboldened, that good art will come of this. I think it's worth respecting why people feel this way. It needn't be a titanic struggle between Good and Evil. You move toward what you want, the reality you want to manifest. You ignore that which could be resisted. It feeds it.

I very firmly know the reality I want. It's private to me. I treasure that privacy, and the energy that feeds it. I respect that Donald Trump (I feel like people don't want to use his name now, the same way he accused Hilary and Obama of not using the term 'radical Islamic terrorism') completely trusted his instincts, in adversity from even those closest to him, yet his instinct prevailed, leading him to the highest office in the land. 

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